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The Happiness Contract

Happier is Better

With the Happiness Contract, you will learn fun, practical, proven tools that you can use to to lead a happier, more fulfilled life. I teach a suite of “happiness habits” to help you reach a state of inner peace and well-being that isn’t dependent on circumstances. Through regular practice, these habits can help heal old problems in a new way.* They can markedly raise your happiness level and lead to improvement in all areas of life, including work. Because these practices are not a big time commitment, they are perfect for both home and the workplace. So sign the happiness contract and commit to your happiness today.

*(Happiness training is different than therapy. To discuss how it can help you, book a free consultation today.)

“Happiness training isn’t about feeling pressure to be happy all the time. It’s about having tools at your disposal to navigate stress, anxiety and any other negative emotion you want to overcome.”

- Lori Scinto, Certified Happiness Trainer

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Learn the fundamentals of happiness and explore a suite of fun, practical, proven “happiness habits” which result in leading a happier, more fulfilled and more productive life. Perfect for both personal and business goals, I offer 1, 2, 4 and 8 hour workshops.


Read my blog (found via the dropdown menu) for more details about what happens at a happiness workshop!

*The three longer workshops are discounted at each tier



Personal Coaching

Ideal for team-building and increasing productivity in the workplace. Release stress, have fun and learn important happiness habits all at the same time!


*Full day and weekend packages available.

The ideal choice if you want a personalized plan and guidance to stay on track with your happiness goals. We’ll select from a toolbox of 21 “happiness habits” suited to your needs and schedule. We’ll explore which habits are most effective and enjoyable for you and put a schedule in place to foster success.


*Single session rates and discount packages available.


"Last week I took Lori's Scinto's 1 hour workshop on happiness. It was excellent. The time raced by and her content was informative, interactive and inspiring. Lori is obviously well versed on her subject and her enthusiasm for happiness is infectious."

Juliet Packer

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