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One day while I was walking my dog, Daisy, it occurred to me that people sign contracts for all kinds of important things - marriage, a home, their job, etc. Yet, when it comes to the most important thing of all, how many of us have ever committed to our own happiness to the point of signing a contract for it? I would venture to guess very few.


With The Happiness Contract, we’d like to change that. You can commit to raising your happiness level both at home and in the workplace with a series of training options



Learn the fundamentals of happiness and explore a suite of fun, effective, scientifically proven “happiness habits” which result in leading a happier, more fulfilled and more productive life. Perfect for both personal and business goals, we offer 1, 2, 4 and 8 hour workshops. Read my blog (found on this site via the menu) for more details about what happens at a happiness workshop!


*The three longer workshops are discounted at each tier.



Ideal for team-building and increasing productivity in the workplace. Release stress, have fun and learn important happiness habits all at the same time!


*Full day and weekend packages available.

Personal Coaching


The ideal choice if you want a personalized plan and guidance to stay on track with your happiness goals. We’ll select from a toolbox of 21 “happiness habits” suited to your needs and schedule. We’ll explore which habits are most effective and enjoyable for you and put a schedule in place to foster success.


*Single session rates and discount packages available

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